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Old growth

DeadHead Lumber Company's state-of-the-art Aqualogger is the only vessel of its kind. It was custom-engineered, guided by our mission, to work gently and harmoniously with nature. Using side-scan sonar, the Aqualogger can pinpoint the exact location of sunken logs and retrieve them individually from the lake or river bottom with little or no silt disturbance. By eliminating the use of conventional divers, DeadHead Lumber Company is able to assist the return of Maine waters to their original state with minimal environmental impact.


Mission: Provide eco-friendly lumber products by reclaiming an existing resource in an ecologically responsible way.

DeadHead logs came to rest in Maine's lakes and rivers as a byproduct of the logging industry. Today, DeadHead Lumber Company is honored to provide the highest quality lumber without cutting a single tree. 

As a green, rediscovered wood product, DeadHead Lumber qualifies for
certification points.